Ähtävä Plywood Earrings

Summer and radiant plywood earrings – this seems to be becoming a tradition! The plywood earrings of summer 2021 are a new interpretation of the Ähtävä Earrings, an old Kalevala classic. Would you guess, by the fresh contemporary look of them, that the design is actually over a thousand years old? The plywood earrings are considerably larger than the original, yet delightfully light to wear. The wooden parts glowing in summery colors are made of Finnish plywood, the metal parts are silver. Made in limited edition, the Ähtävä Earrings are only available in our webshop and Kalevala stores in Helsinki. 

Max 2 pairs per customer!

The Ähtävä Earrings made of Finnish plywood are a new fresh interpretation of an old classic. The plywood earrings glowing in summery colors are considerably larger than the original, yet delightfully light to wear. The metal parts of the earrings are silver. The Ähtävä earrings are based on a bronze pendant found in Ähtävä, Ostrobothnia, dating back to the 7th century AD. The pendant consisting of three excentric loops is unique among prehistoric finds in Finland, and it is of Eastern Russian origin. Inspired by the pendant Germund Paaer (1881–1950) designed a pair of earrings that were made of silver and bronze from the 1940s all the way to the early 2000s.

Ähtävä Earrings Blue PlywoodÄhtävä Earrings Blue Plywood
Ähtävä Earrings Pink PlywoodÄhtävä Earrings Pink Plywood
Ähtävä Earrings Green PlywoodÄhtävä Earrings Green Plywood
Ähtävä Earrings Orange PlywoodÄhtävä Earrings Orange Plywood
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