Christmas Ornament 2021 - Horse from Suomussalmi

A Kalevala Christmas ornament is jewelry for your home. The ornament, skillfully made from bronze that shimmers like gold, reflects the warm light of candles and firelight. When daylight is scarce and the days are short, it’s time to place the ornament on the wall, in the window or on your Christmas tree, and let joy and beauty fill your home. The Kalevala Christmas ornament will set the mood and bring the spirit of Christmas to your home, year after year. For ancient Finns, the horse brought light and was the symbol of luck, happiness and prosperity. The 2021 Christmas ornament, Horse from Suomussalmi, brings a message from the prosperous Viking era, dating back a thousand years.

A limited series of 150 numbered Horse from Suomussalmi ornaments in silver has been produced.