Fountain Pendant silver

Length (cm)

  • Sustainably handmade in Finland.
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  • The Fountain pendant features a beautifully cut light blue topaz that shimmers in a simple, yet elegant silver frame. The piece of jewelry is perfect for both everyday and festive use and, thanks to its timeless design, it can be combined with many kinds of accessories and outfits. The length of the oval pea chain is adjustable (42/45 cm). Lobster clasp.

    If the chain is too short for you, you can easily add length to it with a 5 cm extension piece sold separately.

    Details and sizing

    Weight: 9 g
    Material: Silver
    SKU: 2266561TO45
    Weight: 9 g
    Material: Silver
    SKU: 2266561TO45

    Jewelry care instructions

    Take good care of your precious jewelry and make sure it lasts from generation to generation. On this page, you can find care instructions for different materials to help keep your jewelry bright and shiny.

    For all pieces of Kalevala jewelry, apart from pearl necklaces and bracelets, we recommend washing with warm water and mild soap after use, especially if the jewelry has been in contact with cosmetics (lotions, perfumes, hair spray, etc.). The original package is a good place to store your jewelry. If you want to further protect your jewelry against the tarnishing effect of air impurities, you can keep it in a tightly sealed plastic bag, such as a Ziplock bag. Please note that it is not a good idea to keep your jewelry by the bathroom sink.

    All of our jewelry is made in Finland in compliance with the EU REACH regulation’s criteria pertaining to nickel.


    Silver Jewelry

    Kalevala silver jewelry is made from sterling silver, containing 92.5 percent by weight of silver and 7.5 percent by weight of copper. More than 80 percent of the silver we use is recycled, while the remaining silver comes from Nordic mines. All silver pieces are plated with pure silver. After silver plating, some pieces are treated with a dark patina dye that beautifully emphasizes the ornaments along with the grooves and pits in the jewelry. If the material information with the jewelry says ‘bright silver’, this means the piece has not been dyed after silver plating. Silver jewelry always tarnishes over time. Tarnishing can be prevented by regularly cleaning the jewelry and storing it properly (see instructions in the introduction section above). Tarnished spots can be cleaned using the Kalevala polishing cloth. After polishing, wash the jewelry with mild soap to make sure that the cleaning detergent contained in the cloth does not stain your clothes. Please note that the polishing cloth is not suitable for cleaning the stones in silver jewelry. Furthermore, mat finished or highly three-dimensional pieces can be difficult to clean with the polishing cloth. Jewelry stores sell silver cleaning liquids into which you immerse your jewelry and then immediately rinse it carefully under running water. However, bear in mind that these liquids contain very strong chemicals, so you must follow the detergent manufacturer’s instructions extra carefully. We do not recommend the use of cleaning liquids on dyed silver jewelry because the detergent may remove the dye and make the jewelry bright. You can also have your tarnished silver jewelry cleaned by Kalevala’s repair and maintenance service for a separate fee.

    Bronze Jewelry

    Kalevala makes bright or dyed bronze jewelry. Bright bronze jewelry is treated to shine like gold. However, these pieces are not gold-plated. Dyed bronze jewelry is treated with a dark patina dye that beautifully emphasizes the ornaments along with the grooves and pits in the jewelry. Most designs in the Kalevala Originals collection are made from dyed bronze. Bronze is an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc, and it typically tarnishes easier than precious metals. New pieces of bronze jewelry have a protective varnish that prevents tarnishing. It also protects your skin or sensitive fair-colored materials against green discoloration when in contact with the jewelry. However, the varnish cannot be used on bronze locks because it would jam the lock mechanism. This is why the locks tarnish faster than the jewelry itself. The varnish is damaged when it comes into contact with various chemicals, and it also wears out with use. We recommend that you take off your jewelry when doing sports, taking a sauna or swimming in salty, mineral-rich or chlorinated water. You can use the Kalevala polishing cloth to restore the shine in places where the varnish has worn off. After polishing, wash the jewelry with mild soap to make sure that the cleaning detergent contained in the cloth does not stain your clothes. The jewelry can be re-varnished by Kalevala’s repair and maintenance service for a separate fee.

    Gold Jewelry

    Kalevala gold jewelry is made from 18 or 14 karat yellow or white gold. The pure gold concentration is 75.0 percent by weight in the 18 karat gold alloy and 58.5 percent in the 14 karat alloy. In addition to gold, yellow gold contains silver and copper, and white gold contains silver and palladium. We use recycled gold only. Gold jewelry does not tarnish even over decades. Washing with soap is usually all the care it needs. If necessary, gold jewelry can be cleaned using a special gold cleaning detergent, which is sold in jewelry stores. Even though gold alloys do not tarnish, they are relatively soft, which means that pieces made from them become worn with use. This is why we recommend you bring your gold jewelry to Kalevala’s repair and maintenance service for regular maintenance, which consists of cleaning, polishing, restoring worn parts and checking the setting of stones. This service is subject to a separate fee.

    Pearl Jewelry

    A good rule for owners of pearl jewelry: pearl jewelry should be the last you put on and the first you take off. It is good to wipe the pearls with a clean, soft cloth after each use. We recommend that you bring your pearl jewelry to Kalevala’s repair and maintenance service for regular maintenance, which consists of cleaning the jewelry, checking and possibly repairing the weaving of pearls. This service is subject to a separate fee.


    All Kalevala products have a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If a manufacturing defect is proven in a piece of jewelry, Kalevala will repair it free of charge. Manufacturing defects do not include wear or damage caused by using the jewelry, such as the loosening of pearl weaving, fatigue in loops, varnish wearing or tarnishing. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover defects that can be attributed to improper care, use or storage of the jewelry.

    In matters related to maintenance and the warranty for our jewelry, please contact our repair and maintenance service by e-mail huolto @ or telephone +358 207 611 311 (mobile/local network charge, priced by the caller’s operator).


    Kalevala’s Repair and Maintenance Service

    If your precious piece of Kalevala jewelry is broken, you can turn to Kalevala’s repair and maintenance service for assistance. If you purchased your jewelry from one of our retailers, please go to the store where you bought it. Our retailers’ skilled employees can often repair jewelry on-site.

    As every piece of Kalevala jewelry is hand-made, every piece is also individual. This is why we cannot give an exact repair price estimate without seeing the piece. However, you can find some guidelines in the repair price list below. In addition to the list prices, we charge postal fees for deliveries.


    We will process your order within 2 working days and we send your jewelry directly to the delivery address using DHL Express global delivery service. The delivery time to EU countries is usually 2-4 days. Delivery times to outside EU countries depend on the destination country, customs and other local factors. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a delivery notification with a tracking link to follow the progress of your shipment.

    We have received lots of positive feedback about our delivery times.

    Please note, the buyer is responsible for customs and other additional expenses in destination country. Kalevala webshop does not deliver webshop orders to Åland Islands, please find your local reseller here.

    Returning the products

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    We will reimburse the value of your order within 14 days after we have received the returned products.

    Exchanging the products

    If the size of the product you bought from our webshop was not right and you want to exchange it to a different size, follow these steps:

    • fill in the new size and your details in the return form you received with your order
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    • write the return address on the parcel. Use the address found on the return form for free returns.
    • send the parcel within 14 days after receiving your order.  
    • We will send you the new size after we have received your returned product without costs
    • returning costs are paid by the buyer
    Title SKU Discount Price Lowest price  30d Normal price
    Angela Earrings silver 2668830K 80,5 92 115
    Angela Pendant silver 226883141 80,5 92 115
    Arcs Bracelet silver 2570250195 129,5 148 185
    Arcs Earrings silver 2670250T 101,5 116 145
    Arcs Necklace silver 2370250SI50 108,5 124 155
    Causeway Necklace 236931050 77,5 77,5 155
    Claudem Ring 65077354 140 140 235
    Courageous Pendant silver 227026050 126 126 210
    Cross of Light Pendant gold 1870271TI 448 512 640
    Cross of Light Pendant silver 2270270ZISH45 101,5 116 145
    Daydream Bracelet 2569420195 87,5 100 125
    Daydream Bracelet silver 2569421195 217 248 310
    Daydream Earrings silver 2669420T 94,5 108 135
    Daydream Necklace silver 236942045 94,5 108 135
    Daydream Ring 2469420160 84 120 120
    Daydream Stud Earrings silver 2669422T 70 80 100
    Fountain Bracelet silver 2566561TO175 108,5 124 155
    Fountain Earrings silver 2666561TOT 108,5 124 155
    Fountain Pendant silver 2266561TO45 101,5 116 145
    General Motors Necklace 760004900 175 172,5 345
    Heart of Joy Charm 0,03ct 0868620TI 227,5 227,5 455
    Häiväoja I Ring 2470190170 392 392 560
    Häiväoja II Ring 2470230170 343 294 490
    International Arms Inc. Necklace 760007900 200 197,5 395
    Isamo-ring 65070155 1000 1000 1664
    Lily of the Valley Earrings silver 2667770T 73,5 84 105
    Lily of the Valley Necklace silver 236777045 94,5 108 135
    Lily of the Valley Ring 2467770205 66 110 110
    Longing Bracelet silver 2570300170 420 480 600
    Longing Earrings silver 2670300K 147 168 210
    Longing Necklace Extension Piece 2970301 108,5 124 155
    Longing Necklace silver 237030049 588 672 840
    Miss Spring Necklace silver 235201043 273 312 390
    Mukka Bracelet 127042175 2505 2505 4175
    Origami 84 Earrings silver 2651190T 189 216 270
    Pink Ribbon 2020 Earrings 2607555ZIVPT 102 85 170
    Promise of Spring Necklace 663894450 450 450 790
    Reflections Bracelet silver 2570160195 94,5 108 135
    Sielu Bracelet silver 255146060 700 800 1000
    Sielu Necklace silver 235146042 1050 1200 1500
    Silver Path Extension Piece 3,5 cm 2901503 49 56 70
    Snow Flower Bracelet bronze 3582144165 147 168 210
    Snow Flower Bracelet silver 2582144165 252 288 360
    Snow Flower Brooch 2182141 147 168 210
    Snow Flower Stud Earrings small silver 2682144T 56 64 80
    The Kuu Collection Bracelet 255145060 910 910 1820
    The Kuu Collection Necklace 235145242 2934 2445 4890
    The Kuu Collection Necklace 235145190 555 555 1110
    Vallila x Kalevala Kuulintu Cup 3 dl 1000 14,92 14,92 19,9
    Vallila x Kalevala Kuulintu Tray 27x13 cm 1003 13,42 13,42 17,9
    Vallila x Kalevala Kuulintu Tray 43x22 cm 1004 26,18 26,18 34,9
    Vilho Necklace silver 237021050 198 231 330


    “By the Fountain” (Lähteellä) is one of the best-loved poems of Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804–1877), the national poet of Finland. Its delicate imagery of Finnish nature in its summer splendour has also been set to music: “Oh fountain lovely, near thy side, into thy depths I gaze, as clouds above cast shadowy forms across thy limpid face.”

    Runeberg’s verse inspired designer Kirsti Doukas, who created the jewelry series in honour of the poet’s 200th anniversary. The Fountain jewelry features a light blue topaz that glitters and shimmers like moonbeams reflecting from a clear spring.

    Design Kirsti Doukas

    Fountain | Kalevalashop

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