More than just jewelry, more than just empty phrases. For more than 80 years Kalevala jewelry has made our lives more beautiful. On this page you can find our most popular jewelry series. Beloved jewelry that conquers hearts year after year, near and far. Timeless design, sustainably and responsibly handmade in Finland, powerful stories – that’s what true classics are made of. In case you are searching for a gift and can’t make up your mind, here’s a tip for you – so many people have fallen in love with these pieces that you can hardly make a wrong choice.


Weave a beautiful garland
Intertwine in every sprig
Faith in the new
Lace in every bud
Hopes for what is to come
Enfold in every flower
Myriad dreams

Design Tiina Arkko

Birds of Paradise

Long ago, in the Finnish province now known as Häme, a powerful woman wore multi-strand bronze chains. The chains linked two plates, shaped like church vaults, on which two peacocks guarded the basin of the elixir of life. We do not know what the symbol of paradise in early Christian art, immortalised in the piece of jewelry, signified for the wearer. Maybe the long-necked birds brought her luck. Maybe they were messengers between people and gods. Maybe something else known to her only. One thing is certain, she believed that the jewelry had hidden power. That power is still there. Paradise jewelry is modelled on an ancient piece – the “Häme festive necklace” – dating back to around 800 AD and found in Kernaala, Janakkala.


Things are not always what they seem to be.
Be calm: stop, look and listen
With an open mind; You may see things in a completely new light,
Find beauty where it’s least expected,
And notice how opposites can complement each other,
Creating harmony.

Design Juslin-Maunula

Live Hard Live Your Dream

“We live life to the fullest, with passion and a big bouncing heart, to make every day worth living! We dream big! And we live the lives we wanna live! We might get some hard knocks in our lives, but never give up. That way when we are old, we can tell stories of our grand and crazy adventures, and how the world fulfilled our wildest dreams!” - The Dudesons

Heart of the House

The Heart of the House is an oath of love, a reminder that jewelry has been given and worn for the same reasons from one millennium to the next. The piece is also a nod to the rich ornamentation and timeless beauty of ancient Finnish jewelry.

Design Tony Granholm

Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess, fair maiden, ruler of the night sky. Moon Goddess spins golden yarn, holding the spirals of eternal life in her arms. With her tinkling charms, like the golden rays of the moon, she casts away evil thoughts and lights up the world and the mind. Moon Goddess, the best-known Kalevala Classic was inspired by the most beautiful details and ornaments of Viking Age jewelry. Moon Goddess, named after the Kalevala, was designed by Germund Paaer in the 1940's.

Design Germund Paaer


The jewelry design of sculptor and ceramic artist Zoltan Popovits is inspired by indigenous peoples’ approach to wearing jewelry, in which a close bond exists between the jewelry and its wearer. Jewelry connects its wearer to a specific time, place and people. Many pieces designed by Popovits are inspired and named after indigenous peoples and mythologies from around the world, but also by natural phenomena and contemporary culture. Arieta refers to the musical term arietta, meaning a very brief aria.

Design Zoltan Popovits

Snow Flower

The snow flower springs up from under the snow and ice to celebrate the diversity of nature, creating light and beauty around it.

Design Marja Suna

My Foolish Heart

Jewelry artist and sculptor Björn Weckström is the internationally best-known Finnish jewelry designer. The sculpturesque jewelry designed by Weckström in the 1960s signified a revolution in the still highly conservative world of jewelry, and made him famous worldwide. Many pieces of silver jewelry designed by Björn Weckström are inspired by the cold beauty of winter in the North. In the jewelry, he immortalised the evolving sculpturesque windblown forms in snow, while the dialogue of crystal clear and soft shimmering matte silver evokes images of pure frosty snow and ice shimmering in sunlight on a winter day. The motif of this piece is the heart, which, as the name says, doesn’t always listen to reason.

Design Björn Weckström

Made in Helsinki Eira

Small hearts hold great promise. It all begins with smiles and play, two hearts gravitating toward one another. Hearts full of surprises and infatuation. Will the infatuation turn into love? The Made in Helsinki Eira jewelry is inspired by the heart motifs found on a building located in the Helsinki district of Eira.

Design Vesa Nilsson