Established and owned by Finnish women, Kalevala is more than a design company. It is a world of timeless beauty, empowering stories and sustainable values. An oath to Finnish handicraft, an oath to womenhood and equality, an oath to freedom and future. An oath to me and you.

An oath to timeless beauty, empowering stories and sustainable values

Kalevala's first novelties

Discover our three novelty series - Paradise from the Kalevala Originals collection, Arcs from the Kalevala Modern collection and Björn Weckström's first series for the new brand, Golden Chasm from the Art by Kalevala collection.  

An oath to women and girls

Knowledge and competence are the power and authority that change the world. But in many places, girls and women have limited or no opportunities to participate in them.

In spring 2020, Kalevala financed the establishment of the Kalevala Training Center project, which opens a path to a vocation and independent livelihoods for young women in the small village of Makongeni in Kenya. Read more about the project here.

Kalevala is established and owned by women and the company has since the start in 1937 supported women and children.

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Kalevala is more than just jewelry

It is eternal power. It is an oath. An oath I’ve received and will pass on. An oath we share.

Watch below director Aino Suni's short film (6 min).

Share your oath

Kalevala jewelry stands for more than just the precious metals it's made of.

It's an oath. An oath between people. An oath for friendship. An oath for sisterhood. An oath for yourself. An oath between generations.

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