Made to last forever

By hand and heart. The skilled hands of our experienced professionals shape gold, silver and bronze into jewelry – using many working processes to bend the metal to the maker’s will. The completed piece is a message from us to you, for you to carry it forward.

All of our jewelry is handmade at our factory in Helsinki. As Finland’s largest employer of goldsmiths, we are responsible for maintaining expertise in the field in this country and developing it further. The Finnish Key Flag Symbol is proof that our jewelry is made in Finland.

This Christmas, it will be our pleasure to introduce to you three of our goldsmiths, and their thoughts on making jewelry. If you are lucky, you may even see them or other Kalevala goldsmiths busy at work at the new Kalevala outlet & experience store at our factory!

Goldsmith Sari

“A vast number of professional jewelry makers have worked in this traditional company over many decades. I like the idea of having personally contributed to making and developing this jewelry.”

Sari, with Kalevala for more than 25 years.

Watch the video to hear more about Sari’s thoughts on her work and her love of working with her hands, and see how the iconic Planetoid Valleys necklace, worn by Princess Leia, is made.

Space Silver

Goldsmith Petteri

“At best, working with your hands can be quite meditative. Like therapy for the mind.”

Petteri, with Kalevala for more than 19 years.

See how the Alluring bracelet is made and hear more of Petteri’s thoughts in the video below.



Goldsmith Elisa

“The fact that jewelry has a story makes it interesting, as does the fact that it is just a piece of jewelry until it becomes someone’s own, and this someone makes it even more wonderful.”

Elisa, with Kalevala for more than 2 years.

Hear more of Elisa’s thoughts and see how the clasp of the Longing necklace is made, and follow other stages of the work process in the video below.