Miss Spring Gift Set


The Miss Spring earrings and necklace are now available in an elegant Kalevala gift set, an ideal choice if you need to buy a present in a hurry. The gift set is available at a special price: €80 off the total price of the earrings and pendant, compared to purchasing them individually. 

The Miss Spring necklace was inspired by light shining on glossy leaves, as the sun playfully created splashes of light on the birch trees in the spring. The delicate design of the necklace reflects the hope and energy emanating from the budding leaves. The length of the chain is 43 cm. Stud earrings.

Limited availability.


Miss Spring

The sun brings nature to life
Coaxes leaves out from the buds
Tiny, so perfect
Filled with joy and the power of life
The sun nurtures them
Makes them grow and flourish
The light dances in the birch trees
Nature celebrates
Spring has come

Design Chao-Hsien Kuo

Miss Spring

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