Jewelry care instructions

This is how you keep your jewelry sparkling

You should take good care of your jewelry so that it lasts for decades. On this page you can find our instructions for cleaning different jewelry materials.

We recommend washing all Kalevala jewelry (except pearls) with warm water and mild soap if necessary, especially if the jewelry has been in contact with cosmetics (creams, perfumes, hairsprays, etc.). Never spray hairspray on your jewelry.

It is good to keep the jewelry in its original packaging. Additional protection for the jewelry against the darkening effect of air impurities is provided, for example, by a minigrip bag.

Jewelry care instructions

Silver jewelry

Kalevala silver jewelry is handcrafted in Finland from sterling silver. More than 99% of the silver we use is recycled.

Over time, all silver jewelry darkens. Darkening can be prevented by regular cleaning and proper storage of the jewelry. Dark spots can be removed with a Kalevala cleaning cloth. After cleaning, it is a good idea to wash the jewelry in mild soapy water so that the cleaning agent does not stain the clothes. The cleaning cloth is not suitable for cleaning stones set in silver jewelry.

Three-dimensional silver jewelry, which is difficult to clean, can be cleaned with a silver cleaning agent, which can be bought at jewelry stores. Follow the instructions that come with the product exactly.

Dyed silver jewelry is not recommended to be cleaned in a silver cleaner, because the coloring belonging to the jewelry may disappear and the jewelry may become bright.

The Kalevala maintenance service also maintains tarnished silver jewelry to its original glory.

Bronze jewelry

Kalevala bronze jewelry is made clear or colored. The bright bronze jewelry has been treated as if it were golden. The colored bronze jewelry is treated with a dark patina color that brings out the jewelry's patterns.

Bronze is an alloy of copper, tin and zinc that darkens faster than precious metals.

The new bronze jewelry has a lacquer surface that protects the jewelry, which prevents the jewelry from darkening and different materials from discoloring. Bronze locks cannot be protected with varnish and they darken faster with use. The varnish surface can wear out in use and be damaged by various chemicals.

The Kalevala cleaning cloth can be used to polish areas that have dimmed if the protective varnish has worn off. After cleaning, it is a good idea to wash the jewelry in mild soapy water so that the cleaning agent in the cloth does not stain the clothes.

The Kalevala maintenance service also maintains tarnished bronze jewelry to its original glory. If necessary, the protective varnish can also be renewed.

Gold jewelry

Kalevala gold jewelry is made of either 18 or 14 carat yellow or white gold. We use 100% recycled gold.

A mild soap wash is enough to care for gold jewelry. If necessary, gold jewelry can also be cleaned with a gold cleaning agent, which is sold in jewelry shops. Although gold does not darken much, it is a relatively soft metal alloy, and jewelry made of it can wear out with use.

We recommend regular maintenance for gold Kalevala jewelry at the Kalevala maintenance service, where the jewelry is cleaned, polished and worn parts are restored. At the same time, possible stone implants in the jewelry are checked.

Pearl jewelry

It is good to gently wipe the pearls after use with a soft cloth. Pearls are sensitive to scratches and chemicals such as perfume, hairspray and moisturizers.

We recommend regular maintenance for pearl jewelry at the Kalevala maintenance service, where the jewelry is cleaned and the braiding of the pearls is checked and, if necessary, renewed.

Amber jewelry

Amber is millions of years old fossilized resin of conifers. It is comparatively soft as a gemstone and is therefore easily scratched.

Mild soapy water is suitable for cleaning, and you can polish the metal parts of the jewelry with a Kalevala cleaning cloth if necessary. Amber jewelry must not be immersed in silver cleaning liquid, as porous amber cannot withstand strong chemicals.

The Kalevala maintenance service maintains amber jewelry to its original glory.

Diamond jewelry

Kalevala Love rings are made from 100% recycled 14K gold. The high-quality diamonds chosen for the rings are brilliant-cut, and they are H/VS1 class in color and clarity.

All our diamonds come from trusted domestic partners who are committed to the Kimberley Agreement and are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council. This guarantees a responsible supply chain from the diamond mine to the buyer of the diamond jewelry.

All diamond rings from the Kalevala Love collection are also available with laboratory diamonds, grown under laboratory conditions.

The characteristics or appearance of laboratory diamonds do not differ from mined H/VS1 class diamonds.

The only difference is the origin: mined diamonds are born in the bowels of the earth over millions of years, while laboratory diamonds are man-made.

All Kalevala Love laboratory diamond rings come with a diamond certificate. In addition, the inner surface of the ring body is marked L to distinguish it from rings with mined diamonds.

Diamond jewelry and rings should be maintained regularly. We check the attachment of the diamond and clean the ring.


Vanerisia korvakoruja on valmistettu rajoitettuna eränä kampanjoihin. Vanerikorut ovat kotimaista vaneria, metalliosat korusta riippuen hopeaa tai pronssia.

Vältä korvakorujen altistamista kosteudelle; ethän sauno tai ui ne korvissa, tai säilytä niitä kosteassa tilassa. Kosmetiikka, esim. hajuvedet ja hiuslakat, vahingoittavat sekä korun vaneriettä metalliosia. Vaneri on myös verrattain hauras materiaali, joka ei kestä taivuttamista.

Erikoistuotteena valmistetuille vanerisille korvakoruille ei ole tarjolla Kalevala Korun huoltopalvelua. Käsittelethän vanerikoruja hellävaroen.

How to take care of your jewelry

  • Take off your jewelry before showering, sauna or swimming

  • Wear jewelry only after spraying hairspray or putting on perfume

  • If your jewelry gets wet, gently press it dry - rubbing can scratch the surface of the jewelry

  • One good rule of thumb for wearing jewelry at home is "Put on when you leave, take off when you come in."