Kalevala maintenance service

Huoltopalvelumme on kesälomalla viikot 28 – 30.

Ennen juhannusta saapuneet huoltotyöt pyrimme saamaan valmiiksi ennen viikkoa 28. Juhannuksen jälkeen saapuvat huollot toimitetaan elokuun puolivälissä.

The Kalevala maintenance service makes your jewelry as good as new

We manufacture and service all Kalevala jewelry at our own factory in Helsinki. We want to extend the life cycle of the jewelry we make, and our maintenance service is known for its high quality.

If your Kalevala jewelry needs maintenance, you can conveniently send it to us by mail or you can bring your jewelry to our Kalevala stores. Finnish Kalevala retailers also deliver our jewelry to our factory in Helsinki for maintenance.

Extend the life of your jewelry with Kalevala maintenance service. You will always receive a cost estimate for jewelry maintenance from us before starting the maintenance work. Below are indicative prices for the most common repair and renovation works.

All Kalevala jewelry has a guarantee for manufacturing defects. We repair jewelry with a verified manufacturing defect free of charge. Manufacturing defects do not include wear or breakage due to the use of the jewelry, such as loosening of the braiding of the pearls, fatigue of the open links, wear of the lacquer surface or darkening of the jewelry. The warranty also does not cover defects caused by careless use or storage of the jewelry.

Take good care of your jewelry. Read the care instructions for tips, LINK how to keep your jewelry in good condition year after year.

Maintenance order & price list

We always make a cost estimate for the maintenance work before the maintenance. The evaluation is free of charge and the customer does not commit to the maintenance of the jewelry before accepting the cost estimate. The price list is indicative.

Placing a maintenance order

1. Send a maintenance inquiry to the address huolto@kalevala.fi

  • Write a short description of your jewelry's maintenance needs in the message.
  • Attach a picture of the piece of jewelry in need of maintenance to the message.
  • Add your contact information: Name, address, phone number and email address.

2. You will receive a cost estimate, a recommendation on the maintenance measures to be performed, and instructions on the delivery of the jewelry by e-mail.

3. When we receive the jewelry, our staff examines it and sends you the final cost estimate for the maintenance work for your approval.

4. After the cost estimate is approved, the jewelry will be processed. We will notify you when the jewelry is ready and you can pick it up at our store. If you wish, we can deliver the jewelry by mail, postage costs will be added to the shipment.

The delivery time of the maintenance service is approximately 2–4 weeks after the price estimate is approved.

Engraving works

Ring engraving €20

With the purchase of the Kalevala Love ring, engraving is free of charge.

Other engravings €30

Surface treatment

Surface treatment of small earrings, pendants and rings €35

Surface treatment of large earrings, pendants and rings; surface treatment of necklaces, bracelets and brooches as well as cufflinks and tie pins €45

Other most common maintenance jobs

Small repairs, for example a broken chain or earring pin
repair from €45

Plaiting the pearl string of the Vanamo bracelet €60

Implantation of an additional stone in silver Child jewelry, including surface treatment of the jewelry €60

Surface treatment of old bronze jewelry by hand polishing and preserving the original green patina of the jewelry €65

Ring resizing from €65

Refurbishment of Halikko necklace 110 €

Kun korusi ovat huoltoa vailla, ota yhteyttä: huolto@kalevala.fi

Welcome to see how jewelry is created

Each Kalevala piece of jewelry passes through an average of ten pairs of hands before being completed. If you want to see how jewelry is created and how it is cared for in a skillful way, come along to our factory tour.

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