Finnish handicraft since 1937

The World of Kalevala

Kalevala jewelry is more than jewelry - it is design that delights every day, year after year. Kalevala jewelry means equality, sustainable values ​​and doing good. 1/3 of Kalevala Jewelry's profit is used for charity projects and for the well-being of the staff. By wearing Kalevala jewelry, you are helping to create a better tomorrow.

An inspiring Kalevala

Kalevala jewelry is timeless design. They are like miniature sculptures meant to be used. In everyday life and during celebrations. Today and tomorrow.


There are several talented designers and artists behind the design of Kalevala Jewelry. In the hands of our designers, the power of northern nature, the Finnish soul landscape and culture are interpreted as interesting and timeless design jewelry.

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A bold and open-minded pioneer in jewelry design since 1937.

Finnish handicraft

All Kalevala jewelry is handicrafted in Helsinki, Finland. Almost 70 jewelry professionals work in Kalevala Jewelry's own state-of-the-art jewelry factory.

Making jewelry is still very much a manual job, although we also have innovative technology at our disposal. Each Kalevala jewelry goes through an average of ten pairs of hands on the way from the blank to the finished piece.

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In our factory, the latest innovations in technology meet the centuries-old traditions of skillful Finnish goldsmithing.


Kalevala Jewelry is a community of artists, craftsmen and many other professionals, for whom Kalevala Jewelry is more than just a workplace.

In the skillful hands of our experienced professionals, gold, silver and bronze take the shape of a piece of jewelry after numerous work steps - the metal bends to the creator's will.

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Kalevala Jewelry has been granted the Avainlippu symbol as proof that the company is a Finnish jewelry manufacturer that manufactures all Kalevala jewelry in Finland. In addition, Kalevala Jewelry has been awarded the Design from Finland label. Kalevala Jewelry has a Finnish owner, the Kalevala Women's Association, which supports and promotes Finnish cultural work.


We want to curb climate change by strengthening the role of the circular economy in our operations and minimizing our carbon footprint. At Kalevala Jewelry, responsible jewelry manufacturing means activities that are economically sustainable, save the environment, respect human rights and promote the well-being of the community.

For Kalevala Jewelry, it has always been important to defend a sustainable and equal world. This means Finnish, responsible jewelry manufacturing, strengthening the circular economy, and participating in supporting the weaker sections of society.

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Throughout the history of Kalevala Jewelry, tangible good has also been done with our jewelry. Our goal is to use 1/3 of Kalevala Jewelry's profit for charity projects and well-being of the staff. We make profit so we can do good deeds.


Throughout Kalevala Jewelry's existence, tangible good has also been done with our jewelry. Our goal is to use 1/3 of Kalevala Jewelry's profit for charity projects and well-being of the staff.

We want to prevent discrimination, strengthen equality and create well-being in society through education. With funding from Kalevala Jewelry, the Kalevala Training Center project was launched in the spring of 2020, which opens a path to a profession and independent livelihood in Kenya for the most disadvantaged young women.

In addition, Kalevala Jewelry has funded Vammaisettytö media, which gives disabled girls and women their own voice and makes them visible. The world is not equal. Read more.

Over the years, we have also made numerous charity jewelry . The most famous of them is the Pink Ribbon jewelry made for the Cancer Foundation's Pink Ribbon collection.


This is how Kalevala Jewelry was born

Kalevala Jewelry was founded at the end of the 1930s at the initiative of the writer Elsa Heporauta. She wanted to build a statue in honor of a Finnish woman - at that time, statues were mostly made for men. In order to obtain funding, jewelry that imitated the historical antique jewelry was made and sold. The jewelry became a success. When the Winter War broke out, the statue project was postponed and the money from the jewelry was used to support women and children.

In Kalevala Jewelry's heritage, women have always been active social actors. Kalevala Jewelry's CEO has always been a woman, and the Kalevala Women's Association, a cultural organization founded by women, still owns Kalevala Jewelry.

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Kalevala Jewelry has always meant insightful, bold design.

Kalevala's collection also continues Lapponia's unique, expressive sculptural design heritage.

All Kalevala jewelry is united by high-quality and timeless design, skillful Finnish craftsmanship and responsible manufacturing.