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Kalevala Muse

Laila Lindqvist

Jewelry can be very personal, holding memories, stories and different emotions within it. Our new Kalevala Muse article series delves into the stories of interesting people and their jewelry. This time we interviewed Laila Lindqvist, a Helsinki-based photographer, stylist, and creative whose style combines modern minimalism and colorful playfulness.

Crosses and gifts for young people

Confirmation parties and graduations are big moments in life. Unique occasions that live in the mind for a long time. Give a young person a timeless, Finnish handcrafted, responsibly produced Kalevala piece of jewelry. Each Kalevala jewelry tells a story and the recipient completes it.

Kalevala Preloved

Kalevala Preloved is our secondhand service, where you can exchange your old Kalevala and Lapponia jewelry for a Kalevala gift card easily, quickly and safely.


Gift a Kalevala gift card

Timeless design and Finnish craftsmanship – let the giftee choose a piece of jewelry that is just right for them. The gift card will be delivered to you by email. You can forward the gift card to the gift recipient or print it and give it to the gift recipient personally.

Just in: Limited edition plywood earrings!

The light and joyous Pretzel plywood earrings are now available in Kalevala's official stores and online! Choose your favourite from three different colours: blue, pink and green. We've produced a limited amount of each colour so make sure to get yours before they're gone.

Kalevala Koru Blurs the Line Between Traditional Jewelry-Making and Modern Design with the New Männyt Collection launching in 2024.

This fall, Kalevala will launch a new jewelry collection that blends the essence of Finnish nature and mystique with modern, innovative design. The Männyt (Finnish for "pines") collection marks the first line led by Kalevala’s new Creative Director, Aino Ahlnäs

Designed by Finnish jewelry designer Ildar Wafin, the collection draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of ancient pine trees in the Finnish archipelago. Wafin, a graduate of the London Royal College of Art, has interned at Louis Vuitton and achieved international success, including recognition at the Hyères Festival fashion competition.

Ildar Wafin was selected as the winner of the Finnish Fashion Awards in the New Talent category on May 31, 2024. Wafin received the award for his exceptional talent and craftsmanship and for weaving his Tatar background into the stories of his stunning jewelry.

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The World of Kalevala

Kalevala jewelry is timeless design. They are like miniature sculptures meant to be used in everyday life and during celebrations. Today and tomorrow.

Finnish handicraft

All Kalevala jewelry has always been handmade in Finland. Kalevala jewelry is made in our state-of-the-art factory in Helsinki, in collaboration with more than 70 jewelry professionals. Making jewelry is largely manual work, even though we use the latest cutting-edge technology.

How many pairs of hands does a piece of jewelry go through before it is finished?
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