Today, new Kalevala jewelry is created by jewelry design professionals. They interpret the beauty of northern nature, the Finnish mindset and contemporary social and cultural phenomena in jewelry. Stories are a strong common element for all Kalevala jewelry: each piece tells a story, and the wearers add their personal story to it. Jewelry lives in time, but also above and beyond time – intuitive design and powerful stories stand the test of time. Take a look at the designers of the Kalevala Modern and Art by Kalevala - collections and their jewelry below. The Kalevala Originals collection features jewelry that is copied or adapted on the basis of pre-historic or historic jewelry found in Finland, or pieces inspired by them. Over the course of the centuries, the designers and makers of the original jewelry, kept in museum collections, have been forgotten and it is not always known how and from where the jewelry has ended up in the place where it was found.