Galactic Peaks

Jewelry artist and sculptor Björn Weckström is the internationally best-known Finnish jewelry designer. In 1969, the first walk on the moon by man inspired him to create the sculpturesque Space Silver collection. The names of the pieces refer to the universe and sci-fi, but in the name of the collection itself, ‘space’ refers not only to the sky and space to be conquered, but also to the space and landscapes on Earth – the endless open, treeless tundra in northernmost Lapland and the snowy expanses continuing as far as the eye can reach and beyond, with snow shaped into constantly changing sculpturesque forms by the wind. Many pieces in the Space Silver collection also feature tiny human figures traversing the landscape. Today, the jewelry collection is an iconic classic of Finnish jewelry design.

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Galaktiset huiput -kaulakoru – Kalevala-koru
Galactic Peaks Necklace silver

Galactic Peaks Necklace silver

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Björn Weckström