Jääametisti | Kalevala

Ice Amethyst

A barren rock, hardened by time, polished by ice
Frozen in place by millions of years
Tyunena guards her secret, doesn't tell
No hint of treasure inside
Deep in the crevices of the rock, in the cold hiding place of the rock crust
Rest a thousand jewels, waiting for the light
Whoever would wake them from their sleep would make them flicker

Like fire and ice and stars in the sky
Mother Nature's treasure is waiting to be discovered

Design by Liesbeth Busman

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Jäämetisti-kaulakoru – Kalevala-koru
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Frozen Amethyst Necklace silver

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Liesbeth Busman
Jääametisti-rannekoru – Kalevala-koru
Frozen Amethyst Bracelet silver
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Frozen Amethyst Bracelet silver

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Liesbeth Busman