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Spitting girl

The Salkevä tyttö jewelry series is a collaboration between two well-known artists, Kim Simonsson and Kirsti Doukas. The model for the spitting girl was Kim Simonsson's sculpture of the same name. The profile of the little girl questioning the boundaries of conventionality and traditional norms typical of Simonsson's works is repeated in the silver pendants designed by Kirsti Doukas. The contrast of the spitting girl with the classic medallion-like shape of the jewelry is startling, like an anarchist cameo jewelry. The jewelry's message is strong – it encourages all girls and women to boldly be themselves!

Design Kirsti Doukas & Kim Simonsson

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Sylkevä tyttö -riipus 50 cm – Kalevala-koru
Spitting Girl Pendant 50 cm
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Spitting Girl Pendant 50 cm

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