Antonio Mazzamauro is a fashion designer who considers fashion to be the language which he uses to interpret the future, nature and internationality. In his designs, jewelry and outfits complement and need one another. Mazzamauro has worked as a designer in several international fashion houses, and jewelry has always formed a part of the expression of his clothes designs. The inspiration for his collections comes from his continuous observations of life and its phenomena. Mazzamauro considers it important that his models produce a sense of internationality spiced with the Finnish identity.


“The green glass bead in the Arcs necklace reflects the Jungle Fever trend. It was a happy surprise that a maker for the glass beads was found in my hometown, Helsinki!”


“One day, I was skipping stones with my son by the lake at our cottage. I saw the Kosmos jewelry in the widening circles left by the skipping stone on the still surface of the water.”