Kalevala Outlet and Experience

Welcome to our Outlet store

Hankasuontie 11 A, Helsinki
020 7611 214

Visiting hours:
Mon-Fri from 2 pm to 6 pm

In May open on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Peek into the goldsmith's hall

In addition to jewelry, their making is also strongly present in the store, jewelry is made in the same building, in Europe's most modern jewelry factory.

The store opens up a view of the goldsmiths' hall through a large glass window. It gives the visitor the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of our factory and see our goldsmiths at work. The store also has a goldsmith's table, where you might see a jewelry-making professional at work.

We organize factory tours that introduce the entire manufacturing process, the jewelry's multi-stage path from metal granules, plates and wires to blanks and finally to the finished Kalevala jewelry in the skilled hands of experts in the field.

Read more about factory tours LINK

Jewelery finds from the Outlet

The Kalevala Outlet has a wide selection of the current Kalevala collection, novelties and jewelry finds that have already been discontinued. We also offer second-quality jewelry at attractive prices.
Please note that we only accept card payments.

There are free parking spaces reserved for customers in front of the store's entrance. Varusteleka's store operates one floor down in the same building.

A jewelry gift can also be Preloved

Our outlet store has a wide selection of Kalevala Pidetty secondhand jewelry for sale. Our goldsmiths have restored the used Kalevala jewelry to look like new. With us, you can make jewelry finds that you won't find anywhere else.

If you yourself have Kalevala jewelry that has not been used, bring it to our store - we will give you a Kalevala gift card as a refund for your jewelry, and we will find a new owner for your jewelry.

Check out Kalevala Preloved. LINK

More than 85 years of design heritage on display

Get to know our company's more than 85-year history through archival jewelry and photos. Also on display is Lapponia, whose unique design heritage lives on and continues as Kalevala jewelry.

At the moment, our store has a jewelry exhibition, which includes Kalevala jewelry from different decades based on artifacts from the Iron Age treasure finds of Janakkala Kernaala, Hämeenlinna Linnaniemi and Haliko Joensuu.

Welcome to Outlet!