Silent, invisible, labelled. Girls and women with disabilities are still invisible and face exclusion from the Finnish society.

Established in 2016, Rusetti is the Finnish national association of women with disabilities. Kalevala Koru cooperates with Rusetti. Kalevala Koru has funded the website and media of vammaisettytö The initiative seeks to make girls and women with disabilities visible and stand out – by encouraging and strengthening confidence in one’s own capabilities and possibilities.

The donation  has enabled the association to create a digital platform  (, ”girls with disabilities”) that facilitates interaction, communication, sharing experiences and empowerment. In addition, with the support of Kalevala Koru, Rusetti organizes camps for girls with disabilities.The purpose of these events is to provide peer support, openly discuss and share life experiences and thus find individual paths to empowerment.

The vammaisettytö project is aimed at persons between 13 and 29 years of age who identify themselves as girls or women with a disability.