Mari Isopahkala

Mari Isopahkala is one of the most famous and awarded Finnish designers of her generation

Mari Isopahkala works extensively and internationally in different areas of product design. She is one of the most famous and awarded Finnish designers of her generation.

In 2013, she received the Young Designer of the Year award. The versatile designer has been actively working in jewelry design since 2009, when she won the Lapponia Next Episode jewelry design competition. The competition work resulted in the impressive Winter Pearl jewelry series.

Isopahkala wants to design jewelry in such a way that they emphasize the beauty of the wearer. By wearing a piece of jewelry, the posture automatically straightens and the person radiates self-confidence and presence. A well-designed piece of jewelry brings out the best in its wearer.

Photo: Minna Kurjenluoma

"Jewelry emphasizes the beauty of its wearer."

Mari Isopahkala's magical Winter Pearl

The Winter Pearl jewelry designed by designer Mari Isopahkala captures in silver the fleeting, magical moment of an autumn morning, when the night frost loosens its grip and the first rays of the morning sun melt the dew into small drops on the leaves and grass. Winter Pearl is based on Isopahkala's unique competition work, which won the international Next Episode jewelry design competition organized in honor of Lapponia's 50th anniversary in 2009.