Zoltan Popovits

For Zoltan Popovits, designing jewelry is like solving a puzzle

Sculptor and ceramist Zoltan Popovits joined the Lapponian Designer Guard in the mid-1970s. His first work for Lapponia was a silver chess game with all the pieces being miniature sculptures.

The roots of Popovits' jewelry design go back to the way primitive tribes used jewelry in such a way that there is a strong bond between the jewelry and the wearer. In his opinion, designing jewelry is like solving a puzzle: technical elements, materials and ideas have to fall into place. Together, they must form a harmonious whole.

Many of the jewelry designed by Popovits have their inspiration and name from indigenous peoples and mythologies from different parts of the world, but also from the phenomena of nature and contemporary culture.

"Jewelry connects its wearer to a certain time, place and people."


The name of the Arieta collection designed by Zoltan Popovits refers to the word arietta. This musical term means a very short aria.