Jewelry artist and sculptor Björn Weckström is Finland's most internationally known jewelry designer. Weckström has designed his most iconic jewelry for Lapponia Jewelry, which was taken over by Kalevala Jewelry in 2005. Today, Weckström's unique design lives on and continues in the Kalevala collection.

Planetary valleys and Darina's jewelry, designed by Björn Weckström at the end of the 1960s, are the most internationally known Finnish jewelry. They rose to world fame in 1977 as Princess Leia's jewelry in George Lucas' Star Wars movie.

Read how jewelry ended up in one of the world's most popular movies.

Björn Weckström's jewelry is like miniature sculptures, whose timeless design delights from decade to decade. Weckström's mission is to promote the appreciation of jewelry design: "Jewelry can have a function other than decoration, it can be a work of art."
Get to know Björn Weckström as a designer and jewelry artist.

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