Jewelry artist and sculptor Björn Weckström is the internationally best-known Finnish jewelry designer. The sculpturesque jewelry designed by Weckström in the 1960s signified a revolution in the still highly conservative world of jewelry, and made him famous worldwide. The design language of jewelry by Björn Weckström is often inspired by nature, its elements and phenomena. Another characteristic of jewelry designs by Weckström is to place different surfaces in bold, often dramatic dialogue. The satin sheen finish of the Nile collection is inspired by papyrus reeds. The uniform surface is broken by a crystal clear silver arc. Nile refers to the river Nile, where ancient Egyptians harvested reeds and learned how to make papyrus from them.

Design Björn Weckström

Nile Necklace silverNile Necklace – Lapponia Jewelry

Nile Necklace silver

€445 €890
Nile Necklace silverNile Necklace – Art by Kalevala
Winter sale

Nile Necklace silver

€450 €900