Jewelry artist and sculptor Björn Weckström is Finland’s most famous jewelry designer internationally. Together with Pekka Anttila, founder of Lapponia, he developed the brand’s unique, sculpturesque design language. In the early 1960s, he created a series of gold jewelry inspired by gold nuggets from Finnish Lapland. The uneven soft glow of matte gold jewelry made them like miniature sculptures created by nature itself. The jewelry signified a revolution in the still highly conservative world of jewelry, and made Björn Weckström famous worldwide. Organic, sculpturesque designs and the warm glow of matte gold became a signature feature for gold jewelry designed by Weckström.

When working in silver, Weckström’s aim is to portray the snowy, Finnish winter landscape and frozen lakes through the unique finish, characteristic of his jewelry designs, the dramatic dialogue of crystal clear and soft shimmering matte silver. His boldly experimental designs include a surprising, unconventional combination of materials in the jewelry, including clear acrylic and fur. Weckström’s mission has always been to raise the status of jewelry design, elevating its profile to equal that of contemporary sculpture.

Today, Björn Weckström’s six decades of unique design heritage are alive and well, continuing in the Art by Kalevala collection.

“A piece of jewelry is a miniature sculpture with the human body in the background.”

Golden Chasm

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