Kalevala Preloved secondhand jewelry that has been refurbished as good as new is for sale not only in our Finnish online store, but also in Kalevala stores in Helsinki. In stores you can also find some rings.
We replace all used earrings with new studs or new hooks during refurbishing.

In the world of used and refurbished Kalevala Preloved jewelry, you will make discoveries, none of which are quite the same. Create your own style by boldly combining new and used. The Kalevala Preloved jewelry is also appreciated as a gift.

Kalevala Preloved service is only available in Finland. If you want to exchange your Kalevala jewelry for a Kalevala gift card, it's easy and safe. Check out our Kalevala Preloved service. Kalevala Preloved service is only available in Finland. 

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