Design by Lina Simons

Amulet power jewelry

Which power do you need?

Create your own unique, power jewelry that's right for you: the combination possibilities are endless!

Choose the small amulets that speak to you the most and attach them to earrings, bracelets or pendant. Combine small charms with larger Amulet pendants to create a powerful look. All bracelets, as well as earrings and pendants, are available in bronze and silver. In addition, the Sun Lion, St John's Arms and Sailor's Know charms are also made in gold.

Find your own amulet

1. Find your own amulet. Do you need love, courage, happiness, protection or wisdom? Which power do you need most? You can also combine several amulet charms in the same piece of jewelry.

2. Select the material. Gold, silver or bronze? You can also combine materials as you wish.

3. Pair with jewelry. Do you want to wear amulets in earrings, a bracelet or a pendant?

4. For shopping. Add the combination of your choice to the shopping cart. Soon you will be able to assemble your amulet jewelry.

Assemble your own Amulet power jewelry from little charms

Combine different charms with Amulet earrings, bracelet or pendant and make your jewelry unique. The amulet series is also a good gift idea. You can give a gift of a different power each time with the amulet.

If you want to know more about the meaning of symbols, read the Magic of Symbols article.

An amulet is a gift given with thought. The power of the amulet is told in the story sheet that comes with the jewelry.

"It's always wonderful to see the jewelry I designed on people".