Designing new pieces of jewelry is Lina Simons’ passion and the nature, geometric shapes and even everyday objects are her sources of inspiration. Her designs are pure but still generous, with a graphic touch. Simons like designing jewelry that are slightly three-dimensional, allowing the shadows and the light to play freely. “High quality jewelry is characterized by the fact that it can be repaired and polished over and over again. I really like the thought of jewelry lasting over generations. I love designing these timeless pieces and to see someone wearing them is my biggest reward.” Simons says.

Lucky Pearl

“The working name of the Lucky Pearl series was By the Seaside. Seaside is a place where you can put your mind at rest and clear your head.”

Four-leaf Clover

“The graphic design language of this jewelry is a play with light on the surface. I wanted to interpret an ancient symbol in my own way.”

Cross of Light

“When I design jewelry, I always try to include a catch, an interesting detail. The gem sparkling on the Cross of Light is set closest to your heart.”

Suunto Guiding Star

“The assignment was to design a sporty, timeless piece of jewelry to fit a small compass inside. It was inspiring to imagine the adventures it would partake when designing it.”


“It is a challenge in itself to create a new interpretation of heart-shaped jewelry, as the world is full of such pieces. The simple form and graphic touch look like me. I came by them by folding paper into various shapes and models.”