Gift something beautiful

Gift something beautiful

We selected jewelry from our collection for inspiring gift ideas – for all ages and genders. They add to four different strengths in their bearers.

In ancient times jewelry was believed to possess power to attract good luck or cast out evil spirits. Pieces of jewelry were given as tokens of friendship and love. They were intimate keepsakes when the significant other was far away, photographs predating photographs – a way of having the important person nearby, on your skin.

The purpose of jewelry is still the same. You can still believe that pieces of jewelry have power within – they are like talismans. Certain pieces add to self-confidence, making it easier to step into the spotlight. Some pieces are more intimate, increasing gentle and mystical energy, while others, as if by magic, make their bearers feel modern and in vogue.

Upon giving a piece of jewelry as a gift, consider what kind of energy you wish the recipient to have more of. Or what already thrives in them – a piece of jewelry might make it shine even brighter.


What strength would you like to give to the recipient?

1. Build up inventiveness

2. Communicate peacefulness

3. Give courage

Did you know? All pieces of Kalevala jewelry are handmade in Finland and a substantial part of our proceeds is donated to charity.

Every Kalevala piece purchased in Kalevala webshop or Kalevala Stores is packaged the way a noble story should: instead of hiding the box in a drawer, put it – and the story and the power it contains – on your bookshelf.

Don’t forget the Kalevala Gift Card! If you can’t decide what kind of energy to give to your near and dear ones, let them decide themselves!

Extended Christmas gift return and exchange period until January 8th 2023.

Gift something beautiful. And a piece of jewelry.

Funded by Kalevala and inaugurated in 2020, the Kalevala Training Center in the small village of Makongeni in Kenya has seen the graduation of 231 young women so far. The diplomas they’ve received open a path to a vocation, independent livelihoods and possibilities they could otherwise have only dreamed of. The Rusetti co-operation in its turn makes girls with disabilities visible in Finland. The vammaisettytö (“girls with disabilities”) website financed by Kalevala is the first Finnish digital media portal for girls and women with disabilities. When buying a piece of Kalevala jewelry you are gifting something beautiful – and a piece of jewelry.