Jewelry and object designer Heli Kauhanen (MA) has worked in the goldsmithing field as a designer, artisan and teacher. Heli’s mission is to create jewelry and objects that really speak to people. She is fascinated by the challenges involved in jewelry design, as you must consider not only a variety of cultural values, but also factors relating to usage, materials and scale. “I feel I’ve succeeded when the customer feels a strong connection to the piece and uses it,” says Kauhanen.

In 2017, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) appointed Kauhanen as a Regional Artist in jewelry arts for a term of five years. As a Regional Artist, she will use her work to highlight the importance of jewelry arts, and also support the field through regional and international activities.


“The idea for Echoes came to me on a walk in the forest. I wanted the jewelry to be powerful and impressive, to reflect the way I saw the forest at that exact moment in time.”