Behind every Kalevala piece of jewelry are people who appreciate their work, the skilled professionals of Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Koru is a community of artists, craftsmen and many other professionals, for whom Kalevala Koru is more than just a workplace.

It is Finnish craftsmanship, professional pride, continuous learning, development and growth. It's a combination of being responsible and doing good. It's timeless design, lasting beauty and customer delight. It is a living legacy and looking to the future.

On this page, we present our creators and their thoughts on jewelry making and the meaning of the work.

Sari, goldsmith, at Kalevala Jewelry for over 28 years.

"Over the decades, a long-lived company like this has managed to have a huge number of jewelry manufacturing professionals. It's a nice thought to have been able to make and develop these jewelry myself."


People behind Kalevala talk about their work

Nine decades of Kalevala Jewelry can fit good things, Finnish craftsmanship and top moments of jewelry design.

What is it like to work in a company that almost every Finn knows?

Petteri, goldsmith, at Kalevala Jewelry for over 22 years.

"Making with your hands can be very meditative. A kind of therapy for the mind."

Peek into Europe's most modern jewelry factory

Each Kalevala piece of jewelry passes through an average of ten pairs of hands before it is completed. For us, handmade really means handmade.

Elisa, goldsmith, at Kalevala Jewelry for more than 5 years.

"Through making, new insights come. It gives a good feeling when you get the whole thing done and it works. Even making a lock. You can recognize a good lock by the fact that it clicks when you close it."

Do you want to see how jewelry is created?

All Kalevala jewelry is handcrafted in Finland at our own factory in Helsinki. In the skillful hands of our experienced professionals, gold, silver and bronze take the shape of a piece of jewelry after numerous work steps - the metal bends to the creator's will.

We organize factory tours where you can see how Kalevala jewelry is created. If you are interested, read more and book your place on the tour. LINK TO FACTORY TOURS PAGE