Industrial services

Industrial services

Kalevala Jewelry specializes in the manufacture of jewelry and jewelry-sized components. Our company has experience in 3D modeling and 3D printing since 1998. In addition to jewelry production, we also offer services for continuous serial production.

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Freeform Modeling

Our modeling service offers free-form modeling based on a 2-dimensional sketch into a 3D file. We use the Geomagic Freeform modeling program, which is particularly well-suited for freeform modeling, and a haptic mouse that supports modeling work. The modeling is done according to the specifications given by the customer. The modeled product is delivered to the customer as an stl file.

3D scanning

In our scanning service, the product is scanned from a physical product to an stl file in accordance with, for example, the accuracy requirements defined by the customer. The maximum size of the product to be scanned is 130x60 mm, and to ensure a successful end result, the product must either reflect as little light as possible on its surface or be paintable.

The scanning takes place with GOM's ATOS 1 optical measurement equipment, which achieves a measurement accuracy of 0.002 mm of the imaged object under optimal conditions.

3D wax printing service

In the printing service, we offer either the customer's own stl file or a wax print of the stl file made in our modeling service. The printer is 3DSystems' Projet CPX 3000, where printing is done by spraying the material. The size of the printer table is 127 x 178 x 152 mm and the layer thickness is 0.016 mm. The prints can be delivered either printer-ready or washed, so that the support wax for the printing has been removed.

Cast metal based on 3D files

The printed product can also be offered cast in metal. The materials to choose from are tin bronze, silver and 14k gold. The cast piece can be post-processed with glass ball blowing, vibration drumming or hand polishing.

Die forging services

Mold forging of components in the jewelry size class in cold, small and large series production. We offer a service for the customer's existing tools, the materials are silver, gold, copper alloys and aluminum, with a maximum blank thickness of 2 mm. Our machine base includes eccentric presses with a pressing force of 5-80 tons, as well as a friction press of 100 t.

Surface treatment services

In surface treatment services, we offer vibration grinding of jewelry-sized components as well as coating services. Regarding coating services, we offer electrolytic silver coating, electrophoretic varnishing and nSilver ALD coating.

Assembly service

Special expertise in the assembly service is manual assembly steps.

In all services, we focus on parts in the size category of jewelry components.

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