Tiina Arkko’s jewelry designs are timeless and clean-lined. “I prefer to strip all of the extras away and let the shape speak for itself”. She describes the design process as a collaboration of hand, eye and thought. “Designs are often created by drawing, actively looking for the optimal line but working with the material also guides the design towards a clear and clean whole.”

After graduating as a goldsmith from the Lahti Design Institute (name today Institute of Design and Fine Arts), Arkko worked in Denmark at Georg Jensen. Since 1977 she has worked in her own company, OZ Jewel. The Finnish Goldsmith Association named Tiina Arkko Goldsmith of the Year in 2007.

Circle of Light

”The Circle of Light reflects the sun that shines, glows, and brings warmth, strength, positive energy, joy of life, and good emotions. The Circle of Light is true power jewelry!”

Circle of Light Bracelet – Kalevala Modern


“New leaves on trees, full of life-force, soon in their full glory. The moment when spring turns into summer.”


“The memory of wood anemones I picked on a spring walk in the woods lies in the background of the Thrill jewelry series.”