Master goldsmith, FGA, Tiina Lahtinen believes that the idea for a piece of jewelry may be born because of many things: feelings, details one sees in nature, or world-wide phenomena. Whatever the subject matter of the work, she feels it is important to approach the issue through the consideration of what this jewelry piece might mean for one individual personally. Lahtinen finds it important to make room for the user's personality and imagination, not to make any item too complete and unambiguous. A piece of jewelry is complete only when someone owns it and takes it to heart. When a design tolerates time and has a message, the jewelry piece becomes personal to the user: “This is how I feel, this is a part of my story.”


“Sun glittering on waves, raindrops shimmering on windowpanes, and city lights at night – tiny glimmers of light in fleeting moments. These inspired me when designing the jewelry series.”

Cross of Friendship, Hope & Happiness

“Growth, prime time, taking flight. The topics for the crosses I designed are inspired by summer.”

Onnenristi-riipus – Kalevala-koru

Ystävänristi-riipus – Kalevala-koru

Toivonristi-riipus – Kalevala-koru