Charity Jewelry

Charity Jewelry

Throughout Kalevala Jewelry's existence, tangible good has also been done with our jewelry. In recent decades, we have supported many socially important projects with special charity jewelry. Organizations and projects that support women and children have been selected as our aid targets.

Charity jewelry over the years

Pink Ribbon

Since 2015, Kalevala Jewelry has participated in the Cancer Foundation's Pink Ribbon collection with Pink Ribbon jewelry. On the brink of a major life change, the support of loved ones and the community is invaluable. The Cancer Foundation is Finland's most significant private funder of cancer research, and the Pink Ribbon is its best-known fundraiser. Over the course of eight years, we have already collected €314,000 for cancer research with our customers. Every year we release a new pink ribbon jewelry, which is produced in a limited edition.

Our 2023 Pink ribbon jewelry was the Sailor's Knot from the Amuletti series designed by Lina Simons , whose ribbon braid was believed to bring good luck in ancient times. For each pendant and earring from the Pink Ribbon 2023 series 10 € and 5 € from the charm will be donated to the Pink Ribbon collection.

Ukraine Moon Goddess earrings

The plight of the Ukrainians has awakened an unprecedented desire to help around the world. We wanted to help by doing what we do best – making and selling jewelry. In March 2022, we produced 500 pairs of plywood Moon Goddess earrings glowing in the colors of Ukraine, and we donated the entire sales revenue of €25,000 through Unicef ​​to help children and families in Ukraine.

Each employee of Kalevala Jewelry used one working day to implement the aid project. The plywood parts of the jewelry were worked on and donated by Laser Cut Studio Oy. The plywood is domestic birch plywood, and it was manufactured by Koskisen Oy. The story cards supplied with the jewelry were donated by Pekan Offset Oy.

Thank you to all our customers who bought earrings and our partners who made it possible to do something good. Through Unicef, Kalevala Jewelry donated €10,000 in addition to €25,000 of the sales revenue from the jewelry to help Ukraine, making the total amount donated €35,000.

Hugs 2018

The delicate but strong silver pendant was designed in 2018 by goldsmith and designer Taru Harmaala Chaloff . The aid target was the Union of First Aid and Shelter Homes.

Ystävänristi-riipus – Kalevala-koru

Cross of Friendship 2016

The proceeds from the sale of the silver Cross of Friendship pendant were used to support the Finn Church Domestic Aid volunteer activities in 2016. The jewelry was designed by goldsmith and designer Tiina Lahtinen . The jewelry is still in the collection without the charity part.

Precious Sunshine 2015

The silver Precious Sunshine decorated with a blue or red gemstone was designed by goldsmith and designer Lina Simons . Its sale supported the activities of Save the Children Organization.

Sheltered 2013

The New Children's Hospital 2017 project was supported with the Sheltered jewelry series designed by goldsmith and designer Taru Harmaala Chaloff .

Chain of Generations 2012

The proceeds from the sale of a small heart-decorated gold and silver chain supported the Finnish Brain Foundation. The jewelry was designed by goldsmith and designer Tiina Lahtinen.

Gravity 2009

The spectacular Gravity jewelry series, which was influenced by, among other things, the art of the indigenous peoples of Australia, was designed by silversmith Kaisaleena Mäkelä. The sale of the jewelry series supported Women's Bank's operations.

Sea 2007

The silver Sea jewelry series supported the campaign for the Clean Baltic Sea of ​​the Finnish Association for the Conservation of Nature. The jewelry series was designed by goldsmith Tony Granholm, for whom the sea and sailing were close to his heart.

Time of Africa 2006

The Time of Africa jewelry series designed by goldsmith Marja Arola supported the schooling of Ghanaian girls. Blue-green beads made of recycled glass shone in the silver jewelry.

Lily 2002

Lilja was originally a large pendant designed by the artist Germund Paaer (1881–1950) in the 1940s. At the beginning of the 2000s, goldsmith and designer Kirsti Doukas modernized the old jewelry into a new Lilja jewelry series, the sales proceeds of which supported the activities of the Women's Organization of War Veterans. At the same time, the lily was also the decoration for the 85th anniversary of Finland's independence.

Child Charm 2001

The proceeds from the sale of Child Charm jewelry supported the Save the Children association. The stones planted in the bosom indicate the number of children. The jewelry is still in the collection without the charity part. Jewelry is a popular gift.

Luvajärvi Pendant 1990s

he sale of the bronze Luvajärvi pendant designed by Aivi Gallen-Kallela supported UNESCO's cultural project to revive Viena's poetry villages.

Kalevala Jewelry's goal is to use 1/3 of the profit every year to charity projects and for the staff.

We want to prevent discrimination, strengthen equality and create well-being in society through education.

Check out the activities of the Kalevala Training Center funded by Kalevala Jewelry LINK in the village of Makongen in Kenya. Our second project is cooperation with Rusetti in Finland. LINK With our funding, vammaisettyttö has been established, which is the first media from disabled people for disabled people.