Taiwanese-born jewelry designer and master goldsmith Chao-Hsien Kuo is very active in the international contemporary jewelry field and has been exhibiting in many countries. Living in Lahti, Finland, she manages her own jewelry brand Chao & Eero she established with her spouse on Valentine’s Day 2005. The following year she was invited to design for Lapponia as the brand’s first female designer. Today, the jewelry Kuo designed for Lapponia is part of Kalevala Modern collection.

Chao-Hsien Kuo looks at nature with her heart and finds inspiration in different seasons. Her jewelry interprets simple beauty she sees and experiences in daily surroundings. Her design often starts with a spark of image, and then she works directly on materials such as wax or metal to visualize the image. During the process, more possibilities could be discovered. Her works are very sculptural, characteristic, and always with a touch of elegance. Her unique form language is very recognizable in different subjects she works on.

Miss Spring

”In the Miss Spring jewelry you can see the first leaves of birch trees in the spring, still shy, delicate and careful, but full of life.”

Memory of Summer

”The Memory of Summer jewelry reminds me of the golden oat fields in the countryside. The beautiful and mesmerizing wave created by the sudden wind.”